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ABOUT Peterlee Glass

Peterlee Glass was established in 1977 and with four decades of glass supplier and manufacturing experience, we are renowned for quality glass products, fixtures and fittings and glass service.

Our helpful team work with you to achieve your goals across all glass projects. Regardless of the size of the job we are working on, whether structural glass installations, glass worktops and splashbacks, glass canopies or decorative glass and furniture, our glass supplier experience means we offer the same attention to detail and care through out.

Our Glass Supplier Trade Centre is open 5 days a week, where glass can be ordered to your individual requirements. In our workshop you will be advised on glass applications and we carry a large range of glass fixtures and fittings for all specialist glass applications. We have the capacity to manufacture and supply toughened and toughened laminated glass from 300mm x 150mm to 4300mm x 2250mm. We also have the ability to source panels 6000mm x 3210mm.

Our core aim is to manufacture and supply glass for use in all situations, find solutions for commercial and domestic glass applications and offer good customer service.

Peterlee Glass are a CE Mark Awarded Company.


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