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How modern architectural glass can refresh your commercial space

Saturday 20th January, 2018

Is this New Year the time to refresh your office space?  Versatile, attractive and functional, architectural glass is the perfect way to update an office or commercial space.  Read on for some practical examples showing how architectural glass can be incorporated into your design project. 

Architectural glass products 

Glass balustrades  

A stylish glass balustrade is a perfect solution for a dingy stairway, hallway or landing area.  Custom-made to your specification, glass balustrades can also incorporate your company logo or colours, be frosted or clear, frameless or framed.  Perfect for adding the light and space today’s corporate customers demand, glass balustrades are a great example of architectural glass in use. 

Glass partitions and walls 

Would you like to create an airy, open-plan environment for your staff team?  Why not consider adding frameless or framed glass partitions, decorative, LCD privacy glass or even glass bricks into your office design?  Whether you want to create individual meeting spaces or partition one space from another, there are plenty of architectural glass options to choose from.  

Decorative glass panelling 

Another example of interior architectural glass in use, glass panels can be used to protect walls and surfaces exposed to high levels of wear and tear.  Cut to any size and available pre-drilled if required, glass panelling can be back painted in a wide range of colours, frosted or even incorporate company logos – an easy way to add a professional, contemporary feel to your office or business premises. 

Glass canopies 

When it comes to making a memorable first impression on your visitors, few architectural glass features are as striking as a glass canopy.  A glass canopy creates an impressive focal point and can transform a run-of-the-mill doorway into a dramatic design feature.  Glass canopies can also be used to create external walkways between buildings, providing protection from the weather whilst integrating with other architectural design features of the building. 

Shopfitting architectural glass 

Create a welcoming, inviting shopping experience with a wide range of architectural glass features – from stunning, expansive glass atriums to large toughened glass shopfront windows and glass doorways.  In-store architectural glass includes glass lift panels, glass balustrades for in-store elevators as well as glass shelving and display cabinets.   

Types of architectural glass offered by PLG 

PLG offers a full range of architectural glass products, including: 

Toughened glass 

Up to five times stronger than standard annealed glass, toughened glass is one of the most frequently-used architectural glass products in the world.   Especially treated to withstand heat breakage and spontaneous shattering, toughened glass won’t break into dangerous shards if broken.  This means it’s perfect for use in a wide range of commercial applications.   

Painted glass 

If you’re looking to make a dramatic impact with decorative glass, back-painted toughened glass is a strong, stylish and hygienic choice.   Available in 15 contemporary colours, this multi-functional architectural glass is highly resistant to heat, thermal shock and UV too, meaning it’s perfect for indoors and outdoor use.    

Curved glass 

Beautiful curved glass is often used as architectural glass, whether as an internal office or wall partition, or as an external element of a building, such as a canopy or entrance.  Once shaped, the glass can then be decorated as other decorative glass products, such as painted glass or frosted glass designs. This means you have full control of the glass products used in your installation. 

Frosted and etched glass 

Choose frosted and etched glass if you’re looking for decorative, translucent glass which obscures visibility, yet still allows diffuse light to filter through.  Frosted architectural glass has a wide range of practical uses in commercial settings, including interior and exterior doors, bathroom and kitchens, glass screens, glass partitions and glass balustrades.   

About PLG 

PLG is the North East’s largest glass merchant and our trade centre carries a wide range of specialist glazing, architectural glass and glass fixtures and fittings. 

Having mastered the traditional skills associated with architectural glass work for the building, architectural and manufacturing sectors, PLG offers new glass technologies combined with expert knowledge and professional practice. Our architectural glass products blend creativity with technology, resulting in high performance and visually elegant glass solutions. 

Our craftsmen have developed a deep understanding of the scope and nature of this beautiful and versatile material and are proud to offer architectural glass products which deliver both style and practicality. 

Can we help you with your next project?  Contact our trade centre today on 0191 586 4626.  

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