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Benefits of glass canopies for commercial buildings

Tuesday 29th May, 2018

Want a structure can last forever and add a unique twist to an otherwise typical building? Glass canopies can do that and so much more.

Few architectural features are as striking as a glass canopy, but as well as aesthetic appeal, canopies have a multitude of benefits for your commercial property. 

As the leading commercial glass suppliers, the team at Peterlee Glass don’t want you to miss out, so here we have provided you with all the ways glass canopies can improve your building.

Give unique edge to your building

A glass canopy on a commercial property can present an impressive focal point and turns what would otherwise be a run-of-the-mill building into an original, dramatic architectural structure. With a multitude of uses, glass canopies can transform any area you wish. Make an unforgettable first impression with a stylish entrance or build on outdoor spaces to create a scenic seating or learning area, create a glass walkway to join buildings or provide a dry walkway around the front of your building, so passers-by can browse your products a shielded area. Whatever you choose, Peterlee Glass can help to provide you with your own unique spin to make a mundane building into something spectacular.

Highlights key locations

Glass canopies are one of the most effective structural tools for highlighting key areas in your building. Not only do they look impressive, but the use of the glass can make an area prominent to your clients, for example if you have multiple entrances, a glass canopy can be used to emphasise which door is the main entry to the building. As new customers, it’s easy to get lost in a building, so why not make it easy for them to see all the best things you have to offer?

Offers protection from the weather

Come rain or shine, glass canopies can shield areas from anything, no matter what their purpose. Keep walkways, entrances and sitting areas free from the elements with glass that can withstand even the harshest wind or rain. Not only does this offer a more comfortable, inviting space, but also provides a safety aspect to the building by ensuring floors stay dry and doors shielded from strong gusts that could potentially cause damage

Cost effective

Glass canopies may initially be slightly more expensive for installation than structures made from Perspex, fiberglass and plastic, but overall glass is far more durable and so will last a lifetime. Plastic materials can lose transparency and discolour quite quickly, therefore structures will have to be replaced regularly in order to keep them functional. Here at Peterlee Glass, our glass canopies are made from either toughened glass or tempered glass depending on your preference, and so are not affected by sun damage meaning they will last for decades, therefore making for a more cost-effective structure overall.

Whether you are considering a canopy for aesthetics reasons or for a more practical, functioning purpose, as the leading commercial glass supplier, Peterlee Glass can provide the best selection for you. Why not get in touch and discuss your options on 0191 586 4626?

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