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5 misconceptions about glass floors and how they can benefit your space

Wednesday 26th September, 2018

Are you looking to make a dramatic design statement in your commercial space, but worried a glass floor may not be as functional as wood, steel or concrete?

Here, we work through the top five misconceptions about glass floors, and why in fact glass is well suited to every building.

  1. Glass is not weak: It is actually very strong

There is a general belief that glass cannot hold as much weight as other materials (such as wood, steel or concrete) and that, for this reason, it will crack easily when weight is applied. Here at PLG Glass, however, we use toughened glass for all our glass flooring, which is not only 5 times stronger than regular glass but also withstands thermal shock.

  1. Glass need not be slippery: Let us coat it for you

When people think about glass floors, a major concern is that glass is more prone to causing injury of its users. This is far from truthful, and we ensure this by coating our glass floors with slip-resistant coating. Even in bad weather conditions, our glass floors are just as safe as other flooring materials.

  1. Glass doesn’t have to compromise your privacy: Choose frosted glass

There is the common misconception that glass floors allow little privacy because people assume they are completely see-through. At PLG Glass, we can sandblast our glass to guarantee privacy in areas such as bathrooms, bedrooms, meeting or leisure areas. Frosted glass is an ideal choice for those that want privacy but still want a good level of light to be transmitted through.

  1. Glass need not be plain: It comes in lots of shapes, sizes, textures and colours

Many believe that glass floors don’t allow for both durable flooring and aesthetically pleasing designs. Think again! As well as frosted glass, we can use painted glass or coloured lighting to suit your design needs. We have a stylish range of colours available that will create sleek, modern and high-quality looking glass flooring with infinite design opportunities.

  1. Glass is not just for indoors: It is great for larger spaces and outside areas too

Due to the misconception that glass flooring is less durable and therefore less effective than other flooring materials, people think that it should only be used in small areas. However, because we use multiple layers of glass to achieve different thicknesses, this means that

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