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5 inspirational architectural glass concepts from around the world

Monday 19th November, 2018

Here at Peterlee Glass, we believe that glass is one of the most extraordinary materials in the world, and we know that using it in your commercial space will bring a significant number of advantages. As a key material in modern architecture, architectural glass features are not only a design statement, bringing elegance and creativity to a wide variety of spaces, but offer benefits that go way beyond simply visual impact.

It’s a known fact, for example, that architectural glass can maximise the amount of natural light entering a space. Glass allows for uninterrupted views between the interior and exterior therefore making any space appear bigger and brighter. As a recyclable material, glass is more environmentally friendly than other materials and, used in the right way, is a good way to regulate the temperature within a space.

At Peterlee Glass, we know how versatile architectural glass can be. We offer a wide range of architectural glass features, from glass floors to glass balconies and glass canopies, to add personal flair and functionality to your commercial space.

To help give you some inspiration, read on to see what we consider the top 5 architectural glass concepts from around the world.  

1. Coloured Glass

Constructed in a cube shape and covered with coloured glass panels all over, the Institute for Sound and Vision in the Netherlands is an exceptional piece of architecture that shows, on a grand scale, how coloured glass can make your commercial space look quirky and creative. At Peterlee Glass, we can provide painted glass in any colour that you require to match your own project look.

2. Strengthened Glass for an Artistic Look

When viewed from above, this piece of glass art looks like a regular swimming pool. It is in fact Leandro Erlich’s ‘The Swimming Pool’ installation at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, a 10cm deep layer of water suspended between two pieces of transparent glass.

The glass is so strong that in this case, visitors can stand beneath the glass and look up to those above, without any fear of getting wet!

Peterlee Glass specialises in producing strengthened glass for artistic projects in many forms. Indoor water walls such as this are guaranteed to bring elements of luxury, elegance and tranquillity to your commercial space.

3. Floor to Ceiling Glass Panels 

Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop, Japan demonstrates perfectly how a space can utilise glass from floor to ceiling to bring the outside in. Glass used in this way generates an uninterrupted space that is light and bright. Peterlee Glass specialises in producing oversized glass panels for all manner of commercial properties such as leisure centres, shopfronts and stylish galleries.

4. Frosted Glass

This very modern approach to the construction of a religious space at La Estancia Glass Chapel, Mexico, utilises a variety of glass techniques, namely frosted glass, to create a structure that is at once open and well-ventilated, whilst allowing privacy and a feeling of shelter for its visitors. Within a commercial context, Peterlee Glass can provide frosted glass to be used very effectively to subdivide open areas whilst preserving a sense of space.

5. Curved Glass

A clear favourite with Berlin tourists, the Reichstag’s Dome uses curved glass to give visitors a full 360° view of the surrounding city.

Whether using curved glass as part of your building’s exterior, or to subdivide spaces within your building’s interior, Peterlee Glass are experts at creating curved glass pieces which are sure to make a positive statement to visitors, providing a visually stunning and sophisticated space that allows natural light to penetrate through.

Peterlee Glass’s architectural glass products blend creativity with technology, resulting in high performance and visually elegant glass solutions. Our craftsmen have developed a deep understanding of the scope and nature of this beautiful and versatile material and are proud to offer architectural glass products which deliver both style and practicality. 

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