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Using decorative glass to revamp your office space

Monday 8th April, 2019

Here at Peterlee Glass, we recognise the importance of an aesthetically pleasing office space. For most of your employees, the office will be their second home. As well as this, as the face of your company and the space in which first impressions of your business are made, it’s vital that your office visually conveys the right message.

Giving your office an aesthetic upgrade can be done in a number of ways. At Peterlee Glass, however, we highly recommend using decorative glass to do so. Decorative glass is highly versatile, allowing total freedom in design and can be customized to suit your desires. That’s why decorative glass really will make a difference to the look and feel of your office space.

At Peterlee Glass, we have two forms of decorative glass on offer: painted and frosted. Painted glass is colour-backed toughened or non-toughened glass that is highly durable and multi-purpose with limitless design opportunities. Frosted glass allows you to etch an intricate design or image of choice onto the glass, or have plain frosting as a means to give more privacy in an office environment.

Incorporating decorative glass into your office also provides additional benefits beyond simply aesthetics alone:

  • Natural light - if your office is feeling cramped and dark, incorporating decorative glass into the space will bring a sense of the outside in, which is an instant mood-booster
  • Sense of space - using decorative glass instead of opaque partitions will make your office seem much bigger and brighter
  • Cost-effective - due to its fantastic durability, decorative glass will last a long time with little to no upkeep necessary

If decorative glass sounds like a product you would like to invest in, but you’re unsure how to incorporate it into your office space, read on for some inspiration:

  • Decorative walls- the possibilities are endless when it comes to having a decorative wall in your office. You could use your brand colours to inject some personality into the office, or perhaps there's a piece of art that you would really like to incorporate into your space. At Peterlee Glass, using the latest design technology, we can help make your vision a reality
  • Whiteboard walls - make your office modern and unique by incorporating the ultimate productivity canvas: a glass whiteboard. Glass is easier to write on, easier to clean, and will always remain in peak condition
  • Coloured staircases - if bold colour statements aren't really your thing, why not use decorative glass on your office staircase? It's a subtle way to include colour in your office without feeling as though it overpowers the space
  • Personalisation - a glass screen with your logo printed/etched on, for example, or the integration of your brand colours on glass partitions is an easy, eye-catching way to add a personal flair to your office space

If you are feeling inspired, and would like to know more about our decorative glass and your design possibilities, get in touch today on 0191 586 4626 or send an enquiry via our website here.

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