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Advantages of glass flooring in commercial spaces

Sunday 1st September, 2019

Gone are the days of dark wood, small, cramped rooms and desk dividers. The modern commercial space is bright, spacious and airy. It’s an environment which encourages innovation, creativity and productivity, whilst uplifting the spirits and mood of employees and customers alike.

Whilst much of this is dependent on, or limited by, the shape or size of the space, interior design choices can also play a pivotal role. The colour schemes chosen, and the materials picked for floors, walls and more all contribute towards consolidating the overall ‘feel’ of a space. Similarly to a company logo, a commercial space is an immediate visual representation of the business it is home to, so it’s important that these decisions are considered.

Why glass flooring?

Whilst a wooden or carpeted floor works well in a domestic setting, a glass floor is a superior choice in a commercial context for both aesthetic and practical reasons.

Aesthetic benefits

Much like how a great business is perceived, glass is polished, durable and sophisticated. As such, glass floors are the obvious design choice for a commercial environment. When thoughtfully used, the smooth and ‘unfussy’ qualities of glass means that it can seamlessly integrate into the rest of the space, achieving a contemporary look that is simple, but incredibly striking.

When made from transparent glass, there is no restriction to the view of something above or below. This helps make the most of a commercial space, as it reduces the appearance of clutter, and opens the room up to make it look and feel bigger. The see-through quality of this particular glass additionally enhances a space, as it helps distribute the flow of light more evenly. Given the connection between light and how it has been shown to influence people's emotions and mood, the optimisation of natural light is particularly important within a commercial environment.

The aesthetic benefits of glass floors can further be enhanced by incorporating other glass elements. For example, frosted or translucent glass can be used if there is no need for transparency, and painted glass or coloured lighting is highly effective when matched with glass flooring. This adds a splash of attention-grabbing colour, or alternatively, allows for the incorporation of a business’s brand or theme colours to make a commercial area look more cohesive.

Practical benefits

In addition to these aesthetic benefits, glass flooring is also a highly practical choice in a commercial setting. Whereas wood or carpeted floors are prone to deteriorating at a higher rate and staining more easily, glass floors are extremely durable and have the added convenience of being easily wiped cleaned.

Our services

Peterlee Glass have glass products and decorative glass options that can provide floor tiles for almost any architectural internal or external use. As our glass floor products are constructed from the highest standard of toughened glass, they have a higher resistance to breakage than regular glass- a quality which when considering adding glass flooring ito an area, can’t be compromised on.

We are the North-East’s leading commercial glass experts, and can manufacture and supply toughened laminated glass for substantially large scale projects. With over four decades of glass supplier and manufacturing experience we are renowned for supplying high quality glass products, fixtures and fittings and customer service.

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