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Using glass to amplify the light in an architectural space

Tuesday 24th December, 2019

A work environment has a direct effect on how both employees and clients feel, think and behave – so it’s important to get it right to ensure your architectural choices reflect how you want your business to be seen.

Gone are the days of cramped and crowded workplaces; the contemporary commercial space feels light, airy and inspires and motivates all who inhabit it. Given that access to natural light is a key demand of workers in an office environment, light is a vital part of both designing and updating any workplace and should not be in short supply.

A simple, yet highly effective way to optimise light is through the addition of architectural glass. As well as optimising light and contributing to employee overall wellbeing and productivity, it also has many practical and aesthetic benefits for the commercial space itself. The smooth, polished and clean lines of glass consolidate a modern and contemporary ‘look’ to any office, with the added advantage of being incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

To demonstrate how glass is key to optimising and amplifying light within an architectural space, this handy list showcases examples of some of the products we produce which do this best:

Glass Partitioning

Break down barriers and flood the space with natural light with the help of glass partitioning. Frameless glass portioning is a great way to optimise light as it removes solid objects, such as doors, wallpaper and paint, in favour of smooth, translucent glass sheets that provide unrestricted views, allowing for a more even distribution of light.

Like many architectural glass products, there is also the option to have them made in opaque or transparent glass, which is great for when some privacy is needed, without the need to compromise on light.

Glass Balustrades

As glass does not prevent the light from entering your building, glass balustrading removes the need for frames and dark flooring. From afar, they look almost invisible and encourage a more open and atmosphere within the office which in turn, contributes to a more collaborative atmosphere.

Glass Floor

When made from transparent glass, this floor choice ensures that there is no restriction to the view of something above or below, and distributes the flow of light more evenly. This helps make the most of a commercial space, as it opens the room helping it look and feel bigger.

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