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Why glass balconies are a clear choice

Tuesday 30th June, 2020

Glass balconies can create interesting links between floors or office spaces, especially when combined with Glass Stairs, Glass Floors or a Glass Balustrade.

Here’s why we frequently recommend and deliver glass balconies for our commercial clients across a range of sectors:


Glass balconies add an architectural feature that can instantly make the space feel more light, clean and modern. Using glass within a balcony design means you avoid the need for bulky frames and solid flooring, helps to maximise the look of space and complements almost all other materials.

If you choose transparent glass, this will also provide a clear view of the surrounding space; this can be particularly effective for offices with an impressive atrium or entrance area.

Safety and durability

Strong enough to withstand impact, heavy traffic and environmental effects, glass is a highly resilient and low-maintenance material.

We use toughened glass when installing glass balconies, so you can be confident that they are extremely safe throughout their lifespan. Tempered safety glass can withstand anything and is very unlikely to break; even if it did, it would not shatter into sharp shards, giving additional peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your staff, visitors and customers.

Once installed, your glass balcony will be easy to clean and maintain. Glass ages slowly and any small changes are hardly noticeable. It should last for many years, retaining its aesthetic appeal and making it a good long-term investment for your commercial building.


Glass balconies can be anything from a Juliet balcony with a glass panel or balustrade, to something more substantial such as the walkway between two areas of your office.

By its nature, glass can complement nearly any other material or interior style, and you can choose whether to have transparent or frosted glass. We have experience in installing glass balconies into a wide variety of spaces - old, new, large, compact - and each time it enhances and integrates seamlessly into its surroundings.

If you are considering upgrading your office with structural glass, our expert team is on hand to provide advice, and will work with you throughout to ensure the finished result meets your requirements.

For more inspiration, take a look at examples of previous projects in our gallery, and get in touch with us at Peterlee Glass to get started on your glass project.

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