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Why choose a glass floor

Wednesday 30th September, 2020

It goes without saying that at Peterlee Glass we are huge fans of maximising natural light, and we are skilled at helping our commercial clients to do this in a way that sensitively complements their existing interior.

Structural glass floors are a great way to bring more natural light into a building, yet they are not usually the first solution that people think about when it comes to glass projects.

Glass floors can work well in a variety of settings, and can be particularly useful for increasing light in older or listed buildings, where the layout or planning restrictions may prevent other types of structural changes. Rather than adding windows or changing the exterior, you can make the interior feel more modern and significantly improve the natural light with a glass floor.

Glazed lit floor      

Glass floors enable light to pass from the room above to the room below, without causing any obstruction - a key benefit. They can be very impactful in places such as dark hallways or windowless areas.

Some clients choose to have completely transparent glass floors - perfect if you want to showcase the area below. For more privacy, you can choose a translucent finish, which will still allow lots of light through but assures privacy to those above and below the glass floor.

Rest assured that structural glass floors are extremely safe, strong and secure too; we use toughened glass to ensure that your glass floor can withstand a high level of traffic and will last for many years.

Both practical and visually appealing, a glass floor could be an excellent solution for upgrading your commercial space and maximising light, while making a strong design statement.

Feeling inspired? Take a look at examples of previous projects in our gallery, and get in touch with us at Peterlee Glass to get started on your glass project.

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