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Why your office can benefit from glass partitions

Monday 30th November, 2020

Glass partitions in the workplace offer a sleek, modern look while giving a robust, sustainable solution to dividing space, particularly in open-plan offices. Over the last few months, we’ve experienced a surge in requests as more and more businesses return to work.

As one of the UK’s leading glass merchants, we’re able to meet the demand for glass partitions due to high volumes of stock, fulfilling orders where our competitors can’t. Here are our top five reasons to consider using glass partitions.

Sustainable yet robust

Not only are thin, plastic options to divide space a poor choice for the environment, they are also not a viable solution in the long-term. The use of glass indoors can increase the exploitation of solar energy, offering a balance between visual aesthetics, being environmentally conscious, and a robust, sturdy solution.

Easier on the eye

Glass partitions are undeniably more aesthetically pleasing than the more expensive cubicle-style setups of years gone by. Glass partitions offer a sleek, modern look, creating the feel of a bright, modern office that can not only lift the morale of your workforce but provide a lasting first impression to potential and existing clients.


An increased flow of light

Frameless, glass partitioning allows for an even distribution of light due to its smooth, translucent sheets and can change visual aspects of any room as daylight interacts with artificial lighting. The use of glass can open up smaller office spaces and increase the amount of natural daylight, a proven mood booster which can, in turn, improve the wellbeing of your team. Additionally, a greater flow of natural light will mean less of a reliance on artificial lighting making it a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

More functional

Glass partitions will not only serve the purpose of immediately changing layout and dividing space without blocking light flow, but they can even be used as part of your company’s marketing collateral, essential in a customer-facing environment and adding to a sense of belonging among your employees. The expert team at Peterlee Glass can add your logo and branding to your glass partitions. A variety of different methods are available, from etched to frosted glass depending on the desired result. We can guide you through the process from design through to installation.


The use of glass partitions in your office environment can reduce your overheads in the long run. Firstly, less reliance on artificial lighting will cut down electricity bills. Secondly, glass partitions create modifications that do not alter the structure of the building meaning less time away from work for your employees. Thirdly, the partitions can be taken down and moved much more easily than other solutions which again, will decrease downtime of staff.

Not only is glass an attractive option in terms of aesthetics, it’s much more flexible to future alterations, more environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

Peterlee Glass has over four decades of experience manufacturing and supplying glass, get in touch with our friendly team here, or call us on 0191 586 3113 so that you can start enjoying these key benefits. 

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