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Magnifying glass on Binks Balustrades

Friday 15th January, 2021

Peterlee Glass has earned the position as one of the UK’s leading commercial glass suppliers and our leading reputation within the industry is built on delivering quality glass products with short lead times at competitive prices, alongside offering the highest standards of service and support to all of our valued clients. Over the years (over forty of them!), we’ve built solid partnerships with commercial and domestic businesses all over the country and this month, we’re pointing the spotlight on Peterlee Glass’s working partnership with a superb West Yorkshire-based business, Binks Balustrades.

James Binks, Managing Director of Binks BalustradesBinks Balustrades specialises in the provision of high-end, bespoke stainless steel and glass balustrades all over the UK. Head of the business, James Binks (pictured left), has almost twenty years of working in the glass industry under his belt. He began his working life as a self-professed “tea boy” and worked his way up to a senior site supervisor, gaining a wealth of industry experience. Here, James explains the partnership between Peterlee Glass and Binks Balustrades and goes into the reasons why Peterlee Glass is the only supplier he chooses to work with:

“Peterlee Glass was actually one of the suppliers we used before I set up on my own and it was clear then that their product was far, far superior in quality to any others that we were using. So, when I started my own business, I didn’t even consider using any other suppliers because I wanted that quality assurance.

Not just that, from a customer service point of view, they really are faultless. Even down to the small details like the fact that deliveries are timed around me so that I can unload them, no matter what time that might be – and I’ll always receive a phone call an hour before a delivery is due so I can make sure I’m there to accept it. Everyone goes out of their way to make things easy for us and we’ve never been let down.

Lead times, which is obviously important in the glass industry, are absolutely spot on. There’s never been a situation that the team has not been able to deal with, be it a fast turnaround, or on the very rare occasion that there’s been a problem such as a remake or a customer wants something done a different way it’s always dealt with efficiently. I always say a problem isn’t a problem if it’s resolved well and that definitely applies to the team at Peterlee Glass.

Obviously, we work together but the relationship is deeper than that. I feel like if I need to, I can pick up the phone, and I have done many times, to ask for advice or a second opinion on something and I know that any answers will be one hundred percent correct. Kevin Wiseman who’s the Operations Manager is so approachable and knowledgeable and Tracey and Lindsey in the office can’t do enough to help.

I know that this is a lasting business relationship and I look forward to continuing to use Peterlee Glass for as long as I’m lucky enough to be operating.”

Have you yet to benefit from all the things James from Binks Balustrades talks about that set Peterlee Glass apart from the rest? Peterlee Glass has unrivalled experience in the glass industry; as well as glass balustrades, we also specialise in laminated and toughened glass, glass canopies, glass flooring, and decorative glass.

Get in touch with the team at PLG here to find out how we can support you and your business or give us a call on 0191 586 3113.

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