Easy Clean Glass Protection

Peterlee Glass' products are now available with the best stain protection available - EnduroShield, a low maintenance, eco-friendly coating that chemically bonds to the surface, creating a powerful non-stick barrier resistant to corrosion, etching and staining.


  • Cuts cleaning time - the glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Superior protection against staining & etching
  • Repels both water & oil based stains
  • Once only application & no aftercare products required
  • Reduces water usage & the need for chemical cleaners 
  • Suitable for all types of interior & exterior glass surfaces


Save Time, Money & Effort

We offer the state-of-the-art EnduroShield protective treatment as an option on all glass products. With EnduroShield, standard glass is transformed into an easy clean, non stick surface which remains water and oil repellent and is backed by a true performance warranty.

Once applied, the glass stays cleaner for longer, significantly reducing cleaning. With a 10 year warranty, EnduroShield has been certified for durability on interior and exterior use.

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