Glass Balustrades make a splash at Dunston Leisure Centre pool

We wanted to give you the rundown on an exciting commercial building project we were involved with a few years ago, the 12 month, £5.1m redevelopment of Dunston Leisure Centre, which we created the glass balustrades for. If you’ve wondered about the benefits of toughened glass balustrades, or how Peterlee Glass could fit into your project, read on!

What was the project?

As part of a wider £36m investment in Gateshead’s leisure facilities, Dunston’s old leisure centre received a serious facelift. Described as an amazing transformation by Gateshead Council’s Head of Sport, Wellbeing and Independence, the revamped building includes state-of-the-art swimming pools, a relaxing sauna and steam room, and three squash courts, as well as two brand new gyms.

Leisure centre swimming pool in Gateshead    Commercial balustrades

What was Peterlee Glass’ involvement?
We supplied the glass around the three floor open staircase in the main entrance of the leisure centre, plus the toughened balustrades around the edge of the swimming pools and in the viewing areas. Our toughened glass balustrading is available in 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm thickness, is CNC machined for accuracy, Kite marked, and meets all relevant European legislation.

Why were balustrade glass panels perfect for this project?
Lead architects S&P knew that, as a seriously high-traffic venue, Dunston Leisure Centre required materials that were impeccably crafted and extremely tough. Enter Peterlee Glass, and our toughened glass balustrades. These exceptionally strong panels of glass won’t scratch or chip, making them ideal for areas with a high volume of people passing through every day. They are tempered, an intensive heat process which creates tension in the glass, not only making it stronger, but also safer, as in the unlikely event that the glass is damaged, it crumbles rather than smashes into shards. One other really great aspect of the glass balustrades when it comes to internal architecture is how low maintenance they are. They’re easy to clean, and retain their dazzle for decades.

Peterlee Glass Balustrade at Dunston Pool    PLG Glass Balustrades open stairway

What aesthetic does balustrade glass create?
Glass balustrades make an amazing statement wherever they’re placed; as well as providing instant reassurance of improved safety, they are visually elegant, too. At Dunston Leisure Centre, they do a great job of brightening the space and increasing the light in rooms, while maintaining a clean, simple and timeless aesthetic; plus, they make watching from the viewing platforms an infinitely more pleasurable experience… no more parents getting splashed as they watch over their kids’ swimming lessons!

How much does a glass balustrade cost?
The Dunston Leisure Centre redevelopment was a council-funded project with a bigger budget than many builds, but glass balustrades are really popular in modern architecture and home interiors, too. Speak to the expert team at PLG and we can collaborate with you to create the ideal balustrade solution for your next project.  One thing’s for certain: you’ll never regret having toughened glass cut to size to create the perfect look — and safety measures — for your space.

Toughened glass from Peterlee glass    Glass balcony with balustrades

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