We’re celebrating the International Year of Glass!

It’s a big year for Peterlee Glass – and everyone else in the glass industry, too. The United Nations have named 2022 the ‘International Year of Glass’ – a time to spotlight and celebrate the versatile, beautiful material that we work with. This designation represents an acknowledgement of the contribution that glass as a material has made to society. The International Year of Glass will examine the history of glass, as well as its future, looking at recent technological developments and its myriad uses in everything from art to industry, over a series of conferences, events and festivals.

At PLG, glass is our passion, and we’re delighted that it’s finally being given a chance to shine (or gleam, as the case may be!). Often, when it comes to building projects, glass is forgotten; an afterthought, left to windows and the occasional door. However, as many architects, glass suppliers and industry insiders know (and have been saying for years) glass is actually a really important material when it comes to making buildings environmentally sound.

Glass is a sustainable option for new architecture. Due to developments in the last century, if used appropriately it can contribute massively to energy efficiency. As building processes become more and more environmentally streamlined, however, sustainability is gauged on the life cycle of a building, rather than solely on its impact post-construction. Glass is a great material to use in this respect; high quality glazing is low-impact to create, saving the amount of energy it takes to make in a matter of months. The creation process also requires low levels of water and uses non-toxic, readily available raw materials. Better still, it’s recyclable; so in the unlikely event that a building is demolished, it can be reused. In fact, according to British charity RecycleNow unlike most recyclable substances, glass can be continually recycled without any loss of quality or purity. Doing so reduces the use of fossil fuels and saves dramatically on CO2 emissions; plus, recycled glass even has a lower melting point than new glass, so less energy is required at the heating stage of production, too!

Sustainability isn’t all about the environment, however. It’s partly to do with the building’s occupants, too, and incorporating abundant daylight into architecture is proven to be beneficial for humans and animals inhabiting a space. Using large panels of glass to flood builds with natural light is a simple yet effective way of increasing a building’s longevity as it improves useability and attractiveness. Carefully selecting the right glass for the build can further benefit; at Peterlee Glass we create specialist acoustic glass, for example, which, in blocking out noise, creates quiet serenity inside, improving quality of life.

The advantages of glass are clear (pun intended) and the possibilities for your next project are endless. Why not celebrate the International Year of Glass by giving us a call to discuss your requirements? We create exquisite bespoke glazing for diverse and fascinating projects across the UK. Let’s get started on yours next.

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