Keep it clean! Glass stays spotless with EnduroShield

At Peterlee Glass, we know there’s nothing quite as lovely as light dancing through crystal clear, clean glass. (We know, we would say that…we are glass suppliers, after all!) Getting it to that beautiful clarity can be another story, though, and commercial glass can often end up covered in all kinds of smudges and smears during everyday interactions with clients and customers.

At PLG we can put paid to all that because we work with EnduroShield®, a globally renowned, industry-leading surface treatment that’s been used in huge, landmark projects worldwide. EnduroShield’s motto is that ‘prevention is better than cure’, and the treatment reflects that (pun intended!) being both hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent). These two properties combine to protect treated glass from dirt and staining, and also ensure that it requires less cleaning. In the cleaning process, less water is required; a fantastic environmental win.

What is EnduroShield?
EnduroShield is an extremely strong, powerful coating that can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, from toughened glass to laminated glass, and even specialist glass projects. Not only does it protect from dirt, but it also prevents limescale buildup, and can stop glass from being scratched as easily. At only two molecules thick, it is completely invisible, and will never discolour or peel away like older alternatives. In fact, one of our favourite aspects of the treatment is its longevity – when applied to new glass, it has a 10 year warranty, which demonstrates its excellent durability. It’s also certified by TÜV Rheinland Germany, a global leader in testing and certifying technical services (in case you needed any more convincing!).

Given its impressive performance, opting for an EnduroShield finish can completely reshape the way you or your clients care for large amounts of glass in a build. Firstly, when it comes to construction projects and the placement of the glass itself, EnduroShield creates an impressive barrier to cement slurry, meaning that glass won’t be damaged during installation. 

Then, when the project is complete, EnduroShield continues to assert its worth. For example, high traffic areas such as balconies or balustrades can often require extensive amounts of cleaning, as can glass doors. This can be significantly reduced if the glass is pre-treated with EnduroShield; in fact, the company predicts that cleaning time can be cut by up to 90% compared with untreated glass. It’s also a brilliant choice for areas of buildings that are more difficult to reach; for example, sky-lights, which may require specialist window cleaners to reach, at great expense. As EnduroShield repels dirt, these costs are cut significantly; another attractive element for many clients. Likewise, it can protect glass from mineral buildup, preventing the need for regular replacement, as is often the case in areas with high mineral content in the water.


Finally, eco-conscious clients: rejoice! Over in the States, EnduroShield is favoured by the US Green Building Council and has helped several build to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) status, which makes perfect sense: less cleaning and less replacement glass makes for a much happier planet.

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