Lighten up!: The benefits of glass walls & partitions

At Peterlee Glass, we often use our extensive expertise to create glass for partition walling. Glass partitions are regularly used by architects in commercial, residential and office spaces to enhance light, maximise privacy and zone interiors.

In office spaces, glass has been proven to increase productivity, as it allows natural light to flood the room, and also creates a sense of openness amongst staff, while still allowing for privacy. Installing glass partitions in an open plan office can also create a meeting room or even simply zone off an area for client conversations or, in an increasingly digital world, Zoom calls. As glass suppliers, we know how important your own specifications can be, which is why we offer acoustic partitions in multiple thicknesses to prevent sound from travelling, and privacy partitions with finishes such as frosting and toughening. We can create fire rated glass, too, for optimum safety.

Glass is an extremely aesthetically pleasing material to use in any interior space, and in offices it creates a considered, contemporary atmosphere, as well as increasing brightness, which is proven to be mood-boosting. It has also been deemed an essential aspect of office redesign in the face of challenges caused by COVID-19, as it’s a naturally hygienic option, being easy to clean, without the complications of grout posed by tiles, for example. This has of course made it popular in healthcare settings.

In shop fits and similar large commercial projects, the sleek, modern appearance of glass panels has an enticing effect, particularly when teamed with other glass elements. It’s appealing to browsing customers, and also an efficient way for staff to remain conscious of the entire store. In a similar way to office environments, glass can also be used to establish zones, and even create a sense of privacy for spaces such as changing rooms or consultation areas.

Glass walls can also be used to fabulous effect in home interiors, separating eating and living areas, for example, or an en suite from a bedroom. They make fantastic partitions for dressing rooms and wardrobes, too, adding a slick, glossy aspect to all settings. They can create a contrast with historic home settings, or amplify a feeling of modernity.

We’re a specialist supplier of glass partitions, and we work on projects throughout the UK; take a look at our gallery for some of the exciting places our work takes us. We’d love to help you look at where a glass wall could fit into your next project, so why not chat to us on 0191 586 4626 or get in touch with us via email.



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