Eiffel Tower leads the way with laminated glass balustrades

With lifted Covid restrictions and a brighter-looking UK weather forecast, the demand for outdoor dining provisions in the shape of glass balustrades has dramatically increased. Peterlee Glass are experts in the production of laminated glass balustrades and we supply the two main types of interlayers; Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) and SentryGlas®. As one of the UK’s leading glass merchants, we’re able to meet the demand for laminated glass balustrades due to high volumes of stock, fulfilling orders where our competitors can’t. We list below our top reasons to consider using laminated glass balustrades in a hospitality or commercial setting.

Safety first

Glass balustrades often act as a barrier to ensure the protection of customers and staff. UK building regulations state that glass in balustrades protecting a drop from height must be laminated. SentryGlas interlayers represent the ultimate in strength and safety and compared to PVB systems, the laminated glass in SentryGlas® is five times stronger and up to one hundred times stiffer than conventional laminating materials. The advantages of SentryGlas® over traditional PVB are proven and well documented – making it our product of choice when safety is an important factor.

glass balustrades


We mentioned in our previous post that SentryGlas® was originally developed for high building envelope protection required for hurricane glazing in the United States. Thankfully, this kind of extreme weather is rare in the UK but it’s reassuring to know what laminated glass balustrades from Peterlee Glass can withstand. That said, this country is renowned for its high levels of rainfall which can exacerbate the appearance of grime and dirt on glass; SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer retains its clarity – many years after installation.

Looks the part

We’ve worked with bars, restaurants, and hotels to ensure that their alfresco dining facilities are aesthetically pleasing and sympathetic to surrounding architecture. Compared to traditional PVB laminated systems, the laminated glass in SentryGlas® is stronger, meaning that the system can be made with thinner glass, which can allow for a more seamless integration with the existing building. If ever proof was needed that SentryGlas® is stylish as well as durable, balustrades on the first floor of The Eiffel Tower, Paris, were replaced with SentryGlas® during a 2015 upgrade.


Laminated glass, especially SentryGlas®, is a more cost-effective solution. As it’s lighter, it offers innovative design possibilities. Larger panels can be used with a lighter load-bearing structure required, which ultimately provides cost-saving benefits. Additionally, SentryGlas® does not require a UV protection for lasting strength and clarity and therefore has a longer lifespan than alternative options.

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