Acoustic Laminated Glass

Sound Reducing Glass

Acoustic laminated glass is different to laminated glass. Instead of a solid PVB interlayer, acoustic glass contains a special resin (PVB) between the two laminated layers of glass. This acoustic interlayer isn't visible to the eye and provides a perfect solution for glass floors, architectural windows and commercial curtain walling. 

Acoustic Glass can be made with transparent glass or frosted glass and is often used in a wide range of applications, from airports and hospitals, to hotels and restaurants – it's an attractive, safe and hard wearing addition to any environment.

Specialist acoustic glass is not only reserved for external applications, it can also be utilised for internal glass partition walls, providing fantastic sound proofing. This ensures privacy in individual offices, boardrooms and meeting rooms, and also minimises disturbance in outlying corridors and open plan spaces.

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Technical Details

Our range of sound insulating laminated safety glass offers the highest sound insulation. The desired acoustic performance can be achieved through various product combinations, depending on the specific noise reduction required.

Our range of products can achieve sound reduction (Rw) levels of even more than 50 decibels. They can also be combined with other glass products for a multi-functional noise-reduction monolithic glass.  Our stock range 6.8mm, 8.8mm, 10.8mm, 12.8mm, 14.8mm, 16.8mm sizes 3210mmx6000mm oversized panels available on request.

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