Three reasons to use toughened laminated glass balustrades in outdoor projects

British Summer Time is here! As our attention moves to the outside it’s the perfect time to invest in exterior projects. Whether you’re considering installing an outdoor glass balcony or using glass balustrades as an alternative to traditional garden fencing, toughened laminated glass balustrades are a must-have.

Outdoor glass balustrades can be installed to demarcate certain areas, as a safety measure, or simply as a design feature. Here are our top three reasons why toughened laminated glass balustrades are ideal for use in outdoor projects.

red painted glass commercial balustrades on step railings                    red painted glass balustrades in Newcastle


Outdoor glass balustrades are commonly used in balconies. With this application their primary purpose is safety, that is preventing falls from a height. Functional doesn’t however mean boring. Glass balustrades offer design versatility. Glass balustrade systems can be frameless or comprise vertical posts and glass, with or without a top rail. The glass used can be transparent, tinted or frosted glass – the latter two glass finishes adding an element of privacy where
this is required.


Outdoor glass balustrades are durable. Toughened laminated glass is a safety glass that is thicker and stronger than ordinary glass enabling it to withstand impact – an important feature as the outside introduces elements of the unknown. The toughness of these glass balustrades makes them a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for exterior projects. Even with the wear and tear of weather, toughened laminated glass balustrades have a long lifespan and won’t require modifying or replacing for a considerable time after installation.


Unlike their solid wall counterparts, external glass balustrades offer an open, uninterrupted sightline of the vista beyond. For smaller spaces they can open up an area and make it appear more spacious. Glass complements most, if not all other materials, so glass balustrades will not deflect from the design of any adjoining or surrounding architecture. Glass balustrades are a contemporary design solution, suited to any setting.

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