Think BIG, and let Peterlee Glass do the rest!

A double investment with Intermac lifts production and increases the dimensional limits for structural glass and oversized glass panels at PLG!

Peterlee Glass, one of the UK’s leading glass suppliers, announces a double investment with Intermac, the market leading provider of specialist glass processing technology, to further enhance it’s production capabilities within the UK market.

Intermac Master 63, a UK-first for Peterlee Glass

Peterlee Glass is renowned for continual investment, industry firsts, and for pushing the boundaries in glass processing – and the past twelve months have been no different! A recent double investment in its glass processing capabilities includes the purchase of an Intermac Master 63 – a first within the UK glass processing market. This follows investment in an Intermac Master 45.3 in the latter part of 2020. The two work centres strengthen PLG’s processing capabilities and increase the dimensional limitations for structural glass and oversized glass panels.

Intermac at Peterlee Glass 2    Glass sheets preparation at Peterlee Glass

Kevin Wiseman, Operations Manager at Peterlee Glass, commented on the new Intermac Master 63 work centre: “Put simply, the entire workforce at PLG is always striving for ever-improving quality and efficiency, and the ability to process glass at scale. The investment in the Intermac Master 63 allows us to build on these goals, and serve the needs of architects, as well as meet the growing trend within the industry for oversized glass panels. Both of the new work centres are already proving to be integral to our business.

Improved processing capabilities

With experience of more than 40 years, Peterlee Glass have been providing clients with an unrivalled service for many decades. Now, the Intermac Master 63 & Intemac 45.3 will help PLG build on its existing technical competence and generate greater confidence amongst its customers. The new equipment improves PLG’s processing capabilities and has many benefits, including:

  • We can now process glass in sizes 2500mm by 4800mm and in thicknesses of 5mm-19mm, which is ideal for customers who need oversized glass.
  • The ability to process multiple glass panels at greater speeds, helping reduce lead times.
  • Industry leading levels of precision accuracy.

Lindsey Fallon, Commercial Sales Manager at Peterlee Glass, said: “We are delighted with the two new work centres and the support from Intermac has been fantastic. We’re already seeing an increase in enquiries from inside and outside our existing customer base – especially for glass on commercial projects, such as glass façades or specialist glass and oversized glass panels for high-end residential applications.

“We know that Peterlee Glass is a key glass supplier in the UK, and we take great pleasure in supporting customers and supplying glass that meets challenging design briefs – hence this investment. For architects wanting to find new and better solutions for their designs in glass, we’re inviting them to think big, and let Peterlee Glass do the rest!

Peterlee Glass Supplier

PLG is a specialist glass manufacturer with a long standing reputation for supplying quality products, leading service and exceeding expectations. Serving customers across the UK, amongst the services we provide, we supply, toughened, laminated, balustrade glass, painted glass and SentryGlas.

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