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Toughened Glass

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is one of the most used architectural glass products throughout the world due to it's massively diverse range of functions including glass windows and doors, glass partitions and walls, glass stairs and balustrades and glass signs.

Toughened glass is formed by passing annealed glass through a specially designed oven which takes the glass temperature to near melting point. Compared to standard annealed glass, tempered glass provides far greater mechanical strength and offers controlled fracturing to prevent shards in the event of breakage. These reasons are why toughened glass is so popular for use in public areas and in a domestic environment. 

Lacobel T is the first painted glass range that can be immediately cut and toughened by processors at their plant, simplifying the production process and accelerating the delivery times.

Available in 15 trendsetting colours, this glass is strong, safe and highly resistant to heat, thermal shock and UV so it’s suitable for use indoors and out.



Toughened Glass - Custom Glass Products - Peterlee Glass

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