A new vision of glass

Visiosun provides privacy without sacrificing natural light - the textured glass diffuses and spreads light giving the impression of increased space in smaller areas.

Many possible applications of this glass make it willingly used in classical as well as avant-garde arrangements. The subtle texture of the glass constitutes an attractive decorative element for:

  • Glass partition walls and screens
  • Glazed doors and door elements
  • Glass balustrades, canopies of façades
  • Shower enclosures and bath screens
  • Decorative glass elements 

Pure Geometry & simple style

Visiosun can be tempered and laminated, guaranteeing the top-level safety. Visiosun decorative glass constitutes an apt answer to the needs of designers & architects. 

We offer the Visiosun textured glass as an option on all glass products. With various sizes available, tailored to individual requirements. Three pattern styles are available to choose from with privacy attributes.

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